Sunday, April 8, 2012

NaPoWriMo No 4

Strength From Overcast Skies 

You were my rock,
My trusted presence,
Sitting at the edge of my world.

Looking up at you,
like a cathedral in my horizon,
but close enough to touch,
you held me captive.

But you also blocked my view.

Then, the clouds that came
Stopped your shine
And turned me to ice,
An icy corpse, a shell of a person.

But that chill
forced me to grow,
Grow so big,
When I looked down
I could see your cracks.

My rock that once stood
So large, now
A grey pebble on the ground.

I saw that the valley
Below was deep.
I didn't see it before.
So I scooped up your tarnished
And I threw you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

NaPoWriMo No 3

Breakfast, Over the Phone

Silence, Love,
Is your indifference
To the purity of my thoughts,
The naïveté of my heart.
Your unspoken words
Shattered the table between
Screaming louder
Than that morning dove could
You scared her

Silence, Love,


Silence, Love,
Locks the window
Stifling the air,
Turning it thick
With your worldly desires.
That fog
Made you lose sight of

Silence, Love,
Turned your warm eyes
And mine haunted,
As you coldly crept
Into my mind
Until I knew exactly
What you would
Never say


NaPoWriMo No 2

Irony from the Grave
My mother knows
Of the bird who sings
At dusk
Too quietly for most to hear
But the lily listens,
Tilting its petals
To face her ground.

My mother knows
Of the love and kindness,
People who
Gave themselves
To an unreceptive world.
Their efforts were like that
Of a bee
Who stung once.

My mother knows
The sound of the night
Better than she knew me,
While I know the laughter of day
Even when the birds stop
Insight doesn’t halt
The moon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

NaPoWriMo No 1

Song of Mary Magdalene

Who is this coming out of the wilderness--
Wishing her body like a pillar of smoke?
Her creation a product of His kindness?
Who is this coming out of the wilderness--
Torn dress and bloody, He desires weakness,
Defying her innocents, and the faith He broke.
Who is this coming out of the wilderness--
Wishing her body like a pillar of smoke?